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Moving Out

August Rent

We do not prorate August rent.

Security Deposits

By Michigan State Law we must return your security deposit within 30 days of your lease-end date. Along with your security deposit check will be an itemized list of deductions, if any, and digital pictures will be available that correspond to any damage.

Move-out Cleaning

The house needs to be in broom swept condition. You should clean your kitchen, bathrooms and empty the trash.


We charge furniture removal to your security deposit. If you make arrangements to give furniture to the new tenants you need to let us know and mark the furniture with a post-it note.

What are the most common security deposit charges?

  1. Main house missing keys. (Put all entry keys on the counter.)
  2. Bedroom missing keys. (Bedroom keys need to be inside of deadbolts.)
  3. Never cleaning the kitchen or bathrooms. Digital photos can be provided of examples of what not to do.
  4. Scratches on the hardwood floor beyond normal wear and tear.  Digital photos can be provided if you are unsure of the difference.
  5. Garbage left behind. (We charge $50.00 per garbage bag.)
  6. Removing sticky tape, “moon and stars,” poster tack, etc. results in us having to prime and re-paint.
  7. Large holes in walls, broken windows, and other obvious damage.
  8. Re-painting rooms from colorful expressions back to our standard neutral color.
  9. Garbage disposal and drain clogs. We will do the first one for free. But if we keep removing beer caps, too much food, broken glass, etc. we will have to charge you. ($50 per call)
  10. Sewer clean-outs: There is a very high correlation between the flushing of tampons and major problems with sewer back-ups. If we have to snake out the main sewer line and identify this as the cause, we will be charging you for the sewer clean-out.